Week 5: Demeter

I am not yet born: provide me With water to dandy me, grass to grow for me, trees to talk To me, sky to sing to me, birds and a white light In the back on my mind to guide me…

– Louis MacNeice – Prayer before birth

Introduction video on Demeter; The Nurturing Mother 

Meet Demeter 

Demeter is the Mother Woman, surrounded by children or caring for the vulnerable, the helpless. Motherly love is her guiding force and this devotion is her only goal. Symbolically, Demeter represents the earth and its vegetative nature and embodies the force of life. She is the protector of natural childbirth and young children. Also, she is the personification of the three ‘blood mysteries’ of the female life cycle; The girl, the mother and the wise woman. >>>

Yoga week 5: Withstanding The Pressure of Time

Music inspiration

Demeter inspires our familu tradition so this playlist is full of traditional music. >>>

Herbal Wisdom – Motherwort

A few years back, we moved to a house with a garden, something I always dreamed of. For the first few years, I applied my knowledge of organic gardening; crop rotation, healthy soil, seeds of good origin. Until one spring, a special plant started growing. >>>

Deepening assignment  

An creative assignment: you will find a creative form that represents what ideas or plans may still be born in you. Are you in a new phase with studies, work or place to live? Are you pregnant or about to get divorced? Make a poem, drawing, clay work or beautiful photo that shows your expectation, your wish or desire.