Herbal Study 

My upbringing on a residential farm in the south of Netherlands, gave me an appreciation for living with nature. When he came home from work, my father would first go for a walk around his beloved garden. And the free hours on weekends and holidays were for hard work. My mother knows all the botanical names by heart and becomes intensely happy in her flower garden.

But what I learned most of all was that the process from seed to harvest and consumption is a very long process involving a lot of patience, knowledge and skills and endurance.

During my training as a maternity doula, I came in contact with vaginal steam treatment. I started looking into what local herbs would work for healing the uterus after childbirth. And so started my love for herbs. And my own garden turned into an herb garden. I make creams and tinctures for my own use and also have a fine blend for a vaginal steam bath or sitzbath.

During the spring of my studies, I got to know some herbs that I want to share with you. Click for more information>>

– St John’s Wort; The Light Carrier

РNettle: Giver of Boundaries 

РMotherwort: Herb for Transformation 



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