Green allies

Leonurus Cardiaca – Motherwort

A few years back, we moved to a house with a garden, something I always dreamed of. For the first few years, I applied my knowledge of organic gardening; crop rotation, healthy soil, seeds of good origin. Until one spring, a special plant started growing

I hadn’t sown anything in that area of the garden and I didn’t recognise the leaves. Being curious about this uninvited guest, I left it standing. It grew to nearly a metre in size and two metres high, with strong branches filled with purple flowers. It turned out to be the herb Motherwort (Leonurus Cardiaca); the herb for the young mother and for recovery from childbirth.

By now, my garden is an herb forest, with no rows of greens and little interference. Motherwort has taught me to look and listen to my garden. She has become an ally in my study and experience for a healthy and happy life.

Herbs action Motherwort:
– Nervine
– Vulnerable
– Tonic
Recommended for heart ailments, migraines, anxiety and challenges during menopause. It calms emotions and anxiety and increases vaginal lubrication. It is known for its direct action on the heart-birth meridian (Bao Mo). Works well against hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia.

The herb is best used as a tincture. The taste is very bitter.


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