What is a postpartum (kraam) doula?

Being born and giving birth are two of the most impactful events in our lives. It takes at least six weeks to recover physically from childbirth, even longer in the case of a caesarean section. The mother and the whole family need at least as much time to get used to a new role and the changes in the family.

Healthy bonding is the basis of mental and physical well-being for child, mother and family. In many cultures, these first six weeks are seen as a crucial transitional phase, where visitors are barred and there is dedicated help to care for the mother.

Wouldn’t it be great if every mother was cared for during the first six weeks? All household tasks, care of other children, proper nutrition and a listening ear should be in the hands of supporting friends, relatives or professional helper.

Ingrid Bal’s work focuses on the care around mother, father and family in those first crucial weeks. Amongst her efforts with the PSN charity to change the culture around postpartum, she offers herself locally in the following areas:

  • Advice for mothers and fathers to properly prepare for their postnatal rest time.
  • Training of postnatal helpers/doulas to provide the right (practical) help.
  • Postnatal care for mothers, partner and other children to support the family’s care task for a while. 


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