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The Journey of a woman’s transformation

Inanna's Descent Inanna’s Descent to the Underworld is a mythical story and one of the worlds oldest written sagas’, from the Sumerian culture (Ancient Mesopotamia).  It’s a story about transformation, courage, female wisdom, birth and community, with it’s message of...

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Some facts about Sex Bias

Women are 52% of the population yet biomedical research is conducted almost exclusive on males (human and animal). The US Accountability Office reported 80% of the medical devices and drugs are pulled from the market due to the adverse effects on women. Some of them...

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Sacrifice to your Self

Eastern has always been my favourite seasonal celebration. Brought up in a religious family, eastern was much more celebrative than Christmas. Sure, the God’s child was born, but he died AND resurrected from death. What magic! It was worth the sacrifice of a young...

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Reis met de Griekse Godinnen