Eastern has always been my favourite seasonal celebration. Brought up in a religious family, eastern was much more celebrative than Christmas. Sure, the God’s child was born, but he died AND resurrected from death. What magic! It was worth the sacrifice of a young born lamb from our farm that we ate at the eastern dinner table. The passion story of the Christ feel like an increadable deep teaching that I was blessed to fully experience in the past 5 days of intense mediations. The story tells about tremendous physical and spiritual suffering and even loosing faith of a holy man who died on the cross. His life as a sacrifice to humanity. But the teaching does not stop there. It offers a complete new chapter where we find resurrection beyond death, beyond the suffering. Like spring, where natures merci offers us a new beginning. People that have experienced long and challenging meditation would recognise; there is a beauty beyond the suffering from challenging postures, from agony and frustration of the mind. With yoga and mediation, we put ourself consciously in very challenging postures and breathing techniques, with the confidence that going through the sacrifice, something new can be opened in us. Whether that is a blockage in the nervous system, a stretch of a muscle but in most cases a mental restrictions that is being challenged. It opens a gateway to more crystallised YOU. The passion story therefore is the most profound lovestory. Life can break your heart, it can also be broken open. A sacrifice to fall into love with your Self.