“The point of life is to be a point. A point of light”

online yoga and meditation training

Know You Self;

A yoga and meditation journey of 6 weeks with the female archetypes of the Greek mythology. 

With weekly inspiration of the goeds, an online yoga and meditation class, music, herbal wisdom and home assignments. All in your own time… 

Postpartum Doula

Postpartum (r)evolution

Being born and giving birth are two of the most impactful events in our lives. It takes at least six weeks to recover from childbirth and get used to the new role and changes in the family. In many cultures, this first six weeks is considered a crucial transitional phase for optimal bonding and recovery.

Together with a group of experts in the field of birth aftercare, Ingrid leads the international Postnatal Support Network foundation. Through education and training, the foundation is committed to an extended and more relaxed maternity period. 


Free yoga challenge

The Original You

– a 11days’


Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness; aware of your originality beyond the roles you have in life. The combination of physical exercises, mantras, mudras and breathing, aligns you with the deeper meaning of your true identity; Your Sat Nam. Would you like to experience the power of this technique? I invite you to connect yourself for 11 days with the special meditation “Experience the Original You” – A small rebirth experience.

Herbal Living

Green Alies

Several years back we moved to a house with a garden, something I always dreamed of. For the first few years I applied my knowledge of organic gardening; crop rotation, healthy soil, seeds of good origin. Until one spring a special plant began to grow. I hadn’t sown anything in that spot and I didn’t recognize the leaves. Being curious about this uninvited guest, I allowed it to grow. It grew to nearly a meter in size and two meters high, with stumps of purple flowers. It turned out to be the herb Motherwort (Leonurus Cardiaca); the herb for the young mother and for recovery from childbirth. 
By now my garden is an herb forest, with no rows of greens and little interference. Motherwort has taught me to look and listen to my garden. She has become an ally in my study and experience for a healthy and happy life.


Herbal Study

My upbringing on a residential farm in the Brabant countryside, gave me an appreciation for living with nature. When he came home from work, my father would first go for a walk around his beloved garden and my mother was a master in preparing food from the land. Read More >>>



I have collected a few of my favorites. My cooking style is unfortunately not so exact; I mostly work by intuition and lots of improvisation. However these recipes I have made so many times, that I am confident of a successful compilation. Read more >>> 

My back bone

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is one of the most powerful and effective forms of yoga. It combines a number of ancient techniques of breath, focus, posture and mantra and has a direct effect on your nervous system and hormones, among other things.
The trick is to stick with it and eventually make it your daily practice. You will find that with a few simple exercises something lasting changes.

6 weeks journey with the Greek godesses. 

Do you enjoy doing yoga at home occasionally and are looking for some inspiration for your practice? Find here the offer of a special 6 week series inspired by Greek mythology.

Yoga Coaching

Sometimes it works better for you to go deeper into a personal challenges with one-on-one instruction. You might consider an individual coaching program. 


If you are already familiar with Kundalini Yoga and are looking for more direction for your in-depth study, there are a number of avenues to explore. You may want to consider taking a teacher training program or joining a long meditation session.

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What keeps me occupied….


St John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum) My passion for herbs was sparked by St John’s Wort. We used to cycle past a large field in summer where the little yellow flowers seemed to be calling out. I picked, dried, made oil and smoked the dried bundles during some...

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Ze zijn het waard

Ze zijn het het waard…    Het wordt je niet vertelt en je krijgt er ook geen draaiboek bij. Opvoeder worden is een rol die begint bij de prille grillen van de kraamtijd. En waar stopt die? Als ik mijn vraag aan onze zoon van 12, stopt het volgens hem aan het einde van...

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Commitment to the diamond that is You

Toewijding aan de diamant   Met de yogaleer van Yogi Bhajan kwam een zeer positief en hoopvol voorstel: het Aquarius tijdperk, dat we nu betreden, zou het menselijk gedrag en bewustzijn veranderen. Waar de verleden werd gedomineerd door machines en hiërarchieën, waren...

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It takes a village…

Jannie buis

Ingrid is a great inspiration to get you in touch with your own core. She stimulates you to make a commitment to yourself through a mix of yoga, conscious communication, exercises but above all her personality.
Both as a yoga teacher and as a coach she knows how to set a transformation in motion with her sharp perception and empathy. I experienced it as a gift.

Janneke Foole

I attended a personal yoga program with Ingrid. My goal was to make a reset and to learn a bit more about kundalini yoga. She really looks and thinks with you and that is very valuable.
I really enjoyed it and was and am impressed by her knowledge and expertise. And that is very broad including yoga exercises, nutrition, herbal use, chanting mantras, spiritual development etc.


Journey with the Greek Godess