Offer and rates

Every family has a different wish and demand. Together we can formulate your wish and look at the possibilities. The best time to prepare for your postnatal time is around your 7th or 8th month of pregnancy and can be an additional page of your birth plan.


Postnatal care should be supported by us as a community. However, it is unrealistic to expect free care for 6 weeks. In the Netherlands we fortunately have support from maternity care for the first few days, which can take over much of the care.

It takes a lot of training and time to provide good care. Parents could therefore save some money before delivery to get extra care for the first few months after delivery. Consider carrying the baby instead of buying a pram, letting the baby sleep with you instead of having its own room with its own furniture. 

"The only thing that should be new is the baby."

That way, you will have some money left for more and healthy food, household help, a fine massage oil and fresh flowers. Or treat yourself to a special closing ritual or postnatal massage. I can offer you the following: 
– Advice and development of maternity plan
– Maternity support after maternity care 
– massage
– vaginal steam bath/sitz bath
– closing ritual 
– welcome and christening ritual


Consultancyinitial consultation (1 hour)

donation basis

Coordination (non medical) postpartum care –

The regulator of supply and demand, point of contact for family and helpers, agenda and guidelines.

Between €50 and €150 depending on the amount of help offered.

Postpartum doulaCooking, cleaning, liaison, massage, shopping, babysitting.

€35 per hour (excluding travel expenses)

Postpartum massage 
€65 for 60 minutes (excl. travel expenses)

Transition ritualsClosing ritual, Yoni Steam bath, alternative baptismal ceremonies
€175 for 3 hours (excluding travel expenses)



Journey with the Greek Godess