Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is an original and complete form of yoga. It combines postures (asanas) with breathing techniques (pranayam), holding postures (mudras), muscle contractions (bhandas) and sound vibrations (mantras).

Kundalini yoga is also called the yoga of consciousness. Besides the physical effects of muscle stretching, accelerated removal of toxins and deep relaxation, this yoga provides great insight into emotional blockages and fears.
Kundalini Yoga develops a strong conscious mind to be in service of right choices, purposeful communication and acting on your true destiny.

Kundalini yoga classes are specifically designed to cope well with this time of change. There are other forms of yoga that work with the kundalini energy. However this form with the seal of approval from the Kundalini Yoga Research Institute (KRI), gives the participant a safe structure from a thousand-year-old tradition. In addition, the teacher must adhere to clear conditions and ethics.

The Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age

– Recognize that the other person is you.
– There is a way through every block.
– When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.
– Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.
– Vibrate the cosmos, and the cosmos shall clear the path.

The kundalini yoga class is made up of the following set components:
. Tuning In – Each class begins with the chanting of two mantras that open you up to the kundalini experience. The mantras provide guidance, protection and access to a connection with yourself and your higher consciousness.
. Warm-up and yoga set – The exercises (kriyas) are in a set order with a specific purpose. The purpose of a kriya can range from treating specific chakras, nervous system, emotional and physical blockages, hormonal balance etc.
. Relaxation – We learn techniques to relax. Music is usually used with mantras from the Kundalini yoga tradition.
. Meditation – Meditating helps you develop a strong intuitive mind. It calms your thoughts and brings you to a neutral state of being.
. Closure – We end the class by chanting a positive affirmation and the mantra Sat Nam (3x).



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