What does a ceremony look like?

Everyone can design their own ritual. Depending on your relationship to faith/spirituality, occasion or network, you create and experience your individuality in a designed ceremony. Because ceremony does signify change, you do bring attention to the day using the place, who is there, ritual action, music, words or moments of silence.
There are numerous life stages to receive ritual. But some key life changing events are ideally suited for ritual and ceremony.
– Birth
– Menarche
– Marriage or divorce
– Birth and parenthood
– Menopause
– End of life

With the Werkplaats van de Stilte project, Ingrid has carried out design research into ritual silence spaces and what they might look like. Also, with her work as a doula, she has guided many young mothers in the new reality of (mother’s) life. She is also asked to support in the process of disentanglement in divorce, or a baptismal ritual.
Get in touch if you would like to design a ritual for your new phase of life.


Each new phase in life deserves a moment of pause and reflection. A exhalation that allows you to look back and make plans for the future. In tribal times, we had ritual and ceremony for these transitional moments. Later, these were adopted by the church in their sacraments. Unfortunately, communities have disintegrated and the knowledge of rituals has almost disappeared.

Why Ritual?
Our lives and its course are influenced by many natural processes within and outside yourself. Those processes are mostly cyclical in nature; The earth around the sun, the seasons, the 24-hour clock, ebb and flow, heartbeat or breath.
The attention we give to big moments recognises the importance of the stage of life you are entering or leaving behind. Where once the church, mosque or temple shaped the transitions with ritual, celebration, service and ceremony, people are now looking more to create this form themselves.

Ritual cuts through and operates on everything besides the ‘head’ level.

– Aiden Kelly

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