Selma  and newborn miracle Odette with doula Ingrid.

Photo credits: Fanny Prinssen

Being born and giving birth are two of the most impactful events in our lifetime. After birth not only does take the new mother around 6 weeks to heal from the wounds of labour, it takes at least this period of time to get familiar with her new role as mother and a differently constructed sense of family. Therefore it is of the utmost relevance to call out and organize help during this 4th trimester.

If you would like to prioritize your postpartum rest, bonding and self care but are not sure how to start organizing, I can offer you a free 30 minute consult to get started and get practical.

Book a free consult meeting with me for 30 minutes! Via this link, you can plan a consult with available dates and times for the next few weeks.


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