Online training: Know Your Self

A journey with yoga and meditation, inspired on the Greek Goddesses.

A study journey with: 

  • Each week a detailed description of one of the 6 female goddesses plus video introduction. 

  • A pre-recorded Kundalini Yoga class plus meditation inspired by one goddess.

  • Herbal inspiration

  • Personal assignments

  • Spotify music inspiration

In ancient Greece, femininity played an important role in mythology and religion. Later, gestalt psychologist Jung and the Gestalt therapy movement reintroduced the feminine archetypes of the Greek goddesses. They emphasized the importance of knowing the symbolism as partial aspects of our womanhood. They also uncovered an ancient wisdom that connects us to the myths and sagas of our ancestors. 

The price for this program is €85

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Meet the goddesses

The six archetypes of the Greek goddesses are a poetic language rather than a hard science and gives a reference to live by in our womanhood. However, we assume in yoga philosophy that at the core you are a soul that is perfect and unchanging. The goddesses color how you live your life and shape your true path. 

Week 1: Hera, de Mother Goddess 

Week 2: Persiphone, Medium and Mystic

Week 3: Athena, Keeper of Female Leadership

Week 4: Artemis, Guardian of our Free Nature

Week 5: Demeter, Nurturing Mother 

Week 6: Aphrodite, Deep Love and Sex Appeal 

This journey, you will experience

LEARN about the female archetypes with their qualities and challenges. 

EXPERIENCE which goddesses are represented in you and which may become more visible.

UNDERSTAND what impact this knowledge has on your relationship with your mother, sister, aunt, friend or colleague.

CELEBRATE the diversity of womanhood with its beauty and depth.

COLLECTING the female archetypes into a unity that transcends all.  

Price for this program is €85

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Journey with the Greek Godess