Green allies

Stinging nettle; Urtical Dioica


Ura is Greek for urine which explains the connection of the two kidneys. The plant’s second name is Dioica from Dio Ikos; Two houses.The methaphor of the plant’s male and female flower. The has an overwhelming list of qualities is a muse for many herbalists. To keep you from dropping off the list too quickly, I have made a summary. Specifically for women, this herb is good for stabilising hormones, building up blood with lots of nutrients and increases the capacity of cells. If you have lost a lot of blood during your period, nettle juice is a healing elixir for restoring iron levels. 

The plant combines the complex nutrition of sun, earth, wind and water. 100 grams of fresh leaves contain: 
(no plant has more) chlorophyll 6 grams
(no plant has more) trace elements and vitamins A, C, D and K
Iron (almost 30%)
Silica (sting!)
Effects include:
Haemostatic: Blood purifying
Respirator; Breath enhancer
Galactogogue; Breast milk improver
Diuretic; Urine reducer
Lithotriptic; Bile or Kidney stone pulveriser
Anemic; Against anaemia
Anti Scurvy
Anti Rheumatism

How to use: You can pick the nettle after the first growth in spring until before they flower. Pick it in places where no or few cars drive or there are chances of dogs being walked. You can prepare the fresh leaves in soup or stew or squeeze them as juice (drink 1.3 teaspoons a day in water or pure). Drink a tea of the dried leaves (1-2 cups per day). Also use as a tincture (5 to 100 drops per day in water). 


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