Dear Woman,

You have arrived

Welcome to the yoga program “Know Your Self,” which gives you 6 weeks of in-depth study about six Greek goddesses. I am delighted that you have chosen to dive deep into the powerful, beautiful ocean of self-knowledge and empowerment that these 6 goddesses give us – and I am honored to be your guide on this journey. 
You will get to know each goddess with an introductory video and detailed description. The videos are shot in beautiful Greece, in living places where the Greeks experience the goddesses. The weekly yoga class is inspired by the quality of each goddess, different each week.

For yoga classes, I recommend scheduling a set time during the week and creating a spot in your home where you can do your yoga practice throughout the program. I also provide you with a Spotify playlist of music, herbal inspiration and a deepening assignment each week as well. The yoga classes are doable for beginners and are recorded bilingually.

Enjoy your journey and have fun