Week 3: Athena

Dear city of men without master or lord

Fair fortress and fortress of sons born free

Who stand in her sight and in thine, O sun.

Slaves of no man, subjects of non.

Swinburne, Erectheus

Introduction video on Athena, Knower of female leadership

Meet Athena

She is a type of woman who is easy to recognise in our world. We see her in women entrepreneurs, the journalists, filmmakers, the researcher, women politicians, the businesswoman, leaders of demonstrations. She is extroverted, intelligent, practical and can articulate her opinion and that of the collective well. According to myth, Athena is a motherless goddess, born, fully armed and fully grown, from the head of her father Zeus. This relationship with her male origin is indicative of her life. >>>


Yogaclass week 3: Balancing the Mind

Music inspiration

I have made a playlist in Spotify with music inspired by the Athena Archetype


Herbal wisdom

Stinging Nettle (Urtical dioica)

Ura is Greek for urine which explains the connection of the two kidneys. The plant’s second name is Dioica from Dio Ikos; Two houses.The methaphor of the plant’s male and female flower. The has an overwhelming list of qualities is a muse for many herbalists. >>>

Deepening assignment 
Reflect on which thoughts have helped you. And what detours did Spirit lead you down this week? What inspirations, ideas and actions brought relief and gentleness? How did that feel? And were there times your thoughts were causing a downward spiral in you? How long did that last and what did it bring you? 


Journey with the Greek Godess