Female Empowerment  

Ingrids’ work focuses particularly on connecting and inspiring women. What it means to be a woman in this life and in this world dominated by patriarchal systems for the time being? The basis of her insight lies in the tantric philosophy of which Kundalini Yoga is a part of: We are all part of the male and female polarity and the challenge is to find balance between the two:
– The male polarity represents active, external focus, clear, result-oriented and stable as the sun .
The female polarity represents calm, relaxed, inner focus and fluctuating like the moon.
It is evident that the masculine part of our lives dominates. We live active, result-oriented lives with little time for rest and reflection. For instance, few women take the time to get through the first few days of your period.

This imbalance is changing very slowly. For that, we see enough examples in current affairs. However the imbalance that still dominates today is a direct reflection of the imbalance within ourselves. As long as we women are not able to show the power of vulnerability, let our intuition speak, take peace and space for our well-being, big changes will not happen.

I realize that my self healing is my contribution to this world. 

– Gururattan Kaur 

Photo: Red Tent European Yoga Festival 2023


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