Yoga class

After years of teaching weekly, my life demanded a change of format. To be more available for maternity doula work, I offer sporadic yoga classes and workshops. If you would like to take a live class in a group, I refer you to this website for information on classes in the region. If you would like depth or a personalised coaching programme, please get in touch.

Tips before a yoga class
Eat easily digestible food before class and avoid heavy food at least two hours before class. Wear comfortable clothes, preferably light in colour and made of natural materials. 
Keep a bottle of water handy (at least 0.5 litres) and a blanket for relaxation. If you like, you can use a cushion for extra support for your pelvis, lower back and knees. Yoga is done barefoot, and socks can be used for warm feet during relaxation.
After the yoga class, it is important to drink well and keep a relaxed state-of-mind. Try to add something from yoga into your own daily routine, even if it is a few deep breaths or some stretching exercises.

Online yoga
For online yoga online, it is important that you sit in a bright room with the screen well in front of you. Do not turn up the sound too loud, it may disturb during relaxation. Since you are sitting in front of the screen, it is important to drink extra water. Try not to pause or walk away but follow the class as if you were in a group.




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