Week 6: Aphrodite

Aphrodite, oh sweet Aphrodite. Cast your gaze on me, cast a spell on me. Give your warm embrace, kiss me under the soft moonlight. Oh sweet Aphrodite, Oh sweet Aphrodite.

Oh, I wish I could see you everyday. Even if the clouds choke out the sunlight. Even when the rain anchors me to the earth. Just stay with me, even just only for tonight.

– Prince

Introduction video over Aphrodite, Deep Love and Sex Appeal

Meet Aphrodite

The golden Goddess of Kundalini energy who shares her glory openly and freely with anyone who wants it. We conclude this series with Aphrodite, the muse and great inspiration for the arts and poetry. Her Roman counterpart was Venus, both born of the sea. The oriental Quan Yin is also her equal through the power of compassion. She represents beauty, sexual, creative power, receptive sensitivity. >>>

Yoga week 6: Sex Energy Transformation

Music inspiration

I have collected some songs in this Spotify playlist inspired by Aphrodite. 


Herbal Wisdom

Vitex Agnes Castus; Monnikspeper

Sometimes things run so synchronously that you almost have to believe in predestination; Everything is predestined and comes along when it is really needed. In my herbal studies, I was touched by an herb that I did not know and to which many special effects were attributed. A real women’s herb, all made for balance of hormonal and menstrual cycle. I bought the dried herbs and made tea. Wow, what a powerful, peppery smell. Quite bitter though and a pity it doesn’t grow here. I let it rest, however, the herb did not leave me alone. 


Deepening assignment 

Find out if there is anybody in your life that reminds you strongly of Aphrodite. Or do you have a powerful Aphrodite in you yourself? Is she suppressed or can she live her powers freely? You may choose a beautiful card and write down what you wish for her. Send the card to the Aphrodite near you, or put the card on your altar to give her an honourable place in you.