Week 4: Artemis

I sing of bright Artemis of the golden arrows Goddess of the wild hunt and slayer of many deer;

I bless you, holy virgin, great sister of Apollo Hé with his golden sword.

In the shadows of the hills, across the windy Mountain-tops,

I hear her hunting; There she draws her mighty golden bow

Letting fly her fatal shaft

– uit de Homeric Hymns

Introduction video on Artemis, Keeper of the Free Wild 

Meet Artemis

Where the rules of civilisation ends and the laws of nature take hold. This is where Artemis feels most at home. She is the Goddess of (wild) nature, the untamed, the free warrior. She hardly stands out in our modern lives. By nature, she is wary of the city, not her favourite habitat.>>>


Yoga week 4: Kriya for Inner Vitality and Stamina

Music inspiration

I have made a playlist in Spotify with music inspired by the Godess Artemis

Wormwood Artemisia absinthium

If you take herbs for their healing properties, you will have to get used to the bitter taste of many herbs. The expression “bitter in the mouth, makes the heart healthy”, is not a mere statement. It rests on truth, the more bitter the taste, the better the medicinal effect. Bitters are also a tonic for digestion. >>>

Deepening assignment

This week try to get outside a bit more. Get in touch with nature and observe what is happening around you. Is there a plant that catches your eye that you didn’t know existed before? A call of a bird you want to know more about? Or a trace you don’t recognise. Find a creative form to capture your inspiration from what you experience outside by, for example, making a tea from herbs you pick, making a drawing of a bird or a leaf mandala from your treasures.