What if our ancestors lived highly sophisticated lives. What if they where highly intelligent civilizations living perfectly in balance with nature and each other. And war was not part of their reality.
I have learned through the history books that people in the Stone Age where primitive primates, with underdeveloped brains and methods. But this is not true. I have seen jewelry in the Athens national Museum dating from 4000 BC of such a delicacy and details, it blew my mind.
Marija Gimbutas was an archeologist and ahead of her time when she proposed a different narrative. That of a more feminine centered society. They worshipped female goddesses and kept the temples and houses of prayed alive and modern.
We where not individualistic, war minded people in Ancient Europe. We still hold memory, deep inside of our DNA of a kinder, less violent and more inclusive world.
Check out the work of this visionary woman Marija in the film about her study (1 hour). With the modern DNA techniques, they are slowly recognizing she spoke truth!