Video impressie van de Adi Shakti Midzomer dag in 2022

Adi Shakti Red Tent 

The Adi Shakti Red Tent is a sacred space for deep ‘relaxation’ and reflection.
We celebrate life as women during the winter and summer festivals of Kundalini Yoga or during our own celebration, the last two years at the beautiful site of Bosche Hoek in Nuenen, North Brabant.

During the moments we are together, the guardians will share their wisdom in the areas of healing, deep listening, meditation and dance and rituals. Red tent themes fall under the following direction: 

– Body Awareness

– Spiritual alignment

– The Art of Doing Nothing

– The Know How of the No

– The Depth of Joy

De Adi Shakti Red Tent

is a place where all generations and traditions come together, with the inner commitment to our own higher truth, our Sat Nam.
What is shared in the Red Tent stays in the Red Tent, we do not give advice or comment on the personal sharing of those present, and we practice deep awareness in listening and speaking when we are in conversation with each other.

The Adi Shakti Red Tent
…is a place where women’s wisdom is shared. In a secure and intimate setting, we share our inspiration, techniques and stories with each other.
The depth of our wisdom cannot be captured in a tradition.
However, we feel our connection rooted in the teachings of Kundalini Yoga.


Video impressie van de Adi Shakti Midzomer dag in 2021

The keepers of the Red Tent are all connected to the Kundalini Yoga teachings and bring their unique qualities and personal experiences that highlight the feminine side of the teachings. They carry the knowledge and power of feminine transformation. I am grateful to bring them together in a collective. Photo from left to right

Hari Avtar Annelies Declerck (Leuven, BE)

– Charan Kamal Ingrid Bal (Geldrop, NL)

Charlotte Charanpal Geven (Venlo, NL)

Annemieke Jagatprem Westerman (Drenthe, NL)

Kirin Shanti Corinne Rennerts (Leuven, BE) 

Pritam Dharma Jolène van der Steen (Maastricht, NL) 

Niet op de foto:

Lieselot Harmanderpal (Brugge, BE)




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